Senin, 26 Agustus 2013

how to clean up your house pt.1

in this session i will show you some neat tricks about how to clean up your house. Some of you might already know these tricks, but for some other this is the long awaited easy way to do some of the most annoying task, enjoy

1. candle remains
Candle can be pretty annoying, if you're not careful, you can ruin your most precious piece of furniture. and here is one way to do it without breaking to much sweat and minimum risk. Use your hair-dryer to melt the candle remain and then use a piece of paper towel or tissue to remove it. and then clean the rest with warm water, and voila it's all done and nothing's ruined

2. sink maintenance
if you cook with oil most of the time,you will have those oil augmented in some part of your sink, and sometimes it could make it malfunction or even lead to a leakage, so once in a while you could pour a little bit of salt and baking soda into it, and then followed by 1 pitcher of a warm water. and that should be able to clean the oil remains inside it. it's more of precaution and maintenance thing y, but hey it's easy right

3. crayon stains on the wall
if you have some little kids in the house, these kind of things will be far too familiar, yeah, kids, with their over daring creativity *too much in some case. they will leave unpleasant stains of crayon all over the places, and if you don't know what to do with it, here is some tips.
you don't have to repaint it every now and then, you could just try to use some regular elastic eraser to remove the stains *it works for some product. or you could try to use your hair dryer on them, and then wait for about 5-10 minutes, and use dry towel to rub it off, that should do it

okay, that's all for part 1, i'll be back with some other stuff to share, so keep trying something new guys, you might find them delightful. :D